Nectre Wood-Fired Ovens

Glen Dimplex Americas Welcomes the Arrival of Nectre Wood-Fired Ovens to North America

Cambridge, ON – Glen Dimplex Americas is proud to introduce the Nectre N350 and N550 Wood-fired Ovens to North America. Both are powerful heaters with the added benefits of a baking oven and two removable rings to become cooking burners. The N350 heats around 1,000 sq. ft. with a compact baking oven versus the N550, which warms up to 2,000 Sq. ft. and features a huge oven that cooks anything from pizza to roasts.

Like Glen Dimplex Americas, Nectre takes pride in the quality and integrity of its products. Over the last 46 years, Nectre steadily improved their stove designs as well as their production techniques. All units are made with laser cut steel and manufactured with state-of-the-art robotic welding technology. Units are tested for emissions, output and efficiency, ensuring they exceed consumer standards.

Most importantly, the success of Nectre is founded in the passionate assembly team and dedicated technical department who ensure that customer service, at all levels, exceeds expectations. The people, tradition, focus on quality, and timeless designs make Nectre the number one choice for consumers with remote properties, replacing an existing heater or cookstove, or anyone looking to add a stylish and functional centre piece to their home.